From small beginnings come great things

I can certainly see how writers, how anyone who writes, could get Writer’s Block. I have discovered, upon opening up this ‘add new post’ page that sitting staring at a blank white screen with a flashing cursor is in fact quite foreboding. Maybe its the expanse of white, I’m not quite sure but I’ve certainly never had that same heart-clenching feeling when working on graphics.

Facing your fear of the unknown, it’s such a rush. Especially when you dive in head first.

Which is what I’m attempting to do here.
My first first blog entry on my very first personal website.
How thrilling.
I feel like I should be 14, not 40. Surely I’m too old to be doing something like blogging?
Apparently not, since here I am. Blogging. Running a webpage.
Well, attempting to.

None of the sub-pages actually exist yet, more than having a ‘coming soon’ sign. They are coming soon, I am working on them, a page at a time. Once again, there’s that white page with that angry flashing cursor and not having the faintest idea what to put on them. Although I’m relatively sure all the pages are self explanatory and one can usually work out what to expect to find on a page about ‘concerts’, or ‘film reviews’, or ‘graphics’.

It’s mostly the ‘about me’ page that’s stumping me.
A bit like actual content for this first blog.
Where to start? What to say?

I’m guessing at the beginning is a good place to start, and possibly with an introduction.
The basics, the important points are all listed over there in the sidebar but lets see if I can’t expand upon some of them. Starting with…

My name is Erin.
Technically, it’s Éireann but I use the Anglicised version for ease. I’m not Irish, I have no Irish blood in me at all but I have parents who adore Gaelic names. And you don’t get much more Gaelic than a name that simply means Ireland. I’ve never even been to Ireland, which is something I do intend on rectifying. I live in East London, I’ve lived in East London my entire life and I’ve no doubt I shall probably die here. And yes, I’m a Cockney. A living, breathing, born in the sound of the bow bells Cockney but, along with netspeak, you’ll never hear me use Cockney Slang unless I’m taking the piss. It was one of those things my father used to spank out of me and my brother. Cockney Rhyming Slang, that is, not netspeak. That hadn’t been invented when I was young enough for my father to still put over his knee!

I mentioned my brother there. He’s one of the people I have no doubt I will mention many times when blogging as he’s one of the people I’m closest to… and you don’t get much closer than being twins! His name is Brody – another Gaelic name, meaning ditch. I’ve been trying to lose him in one for the last 30 years but he keeps on coming back In a way, it’s wonderful. He’s my best friend, my confidant, my partner in crime. Other times, there’s nothing worse than someone knowing what you’re thinking, whos always there.

I think I’ve said enough for my first post. And it’s given me pause to thought about what else I’m going to talk about as well. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. If you’re still here, thank you!