The Magic of Aromatherapy

You can harness the healing and uplifting qualities of plant fragrances to help you relax, unwind and even treat minor ailments

You can find out simply and pleasurably just how beneficial aromatherapy can be by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to the next bath you take. You will notice the difference immediately. As you smell the relaxing fragrance of the oil surrounding you, its peacefulness and tranquillity will lift your spirits, promote relaxation and soothe stress.

Aromatherapy is the art of healing with ‘essential’ oils – distilled essences that have been extracted from plants. These can be used in massage and inhalation techniques, added to bathroom products such as soap, skin creams, bath gel and shampoo, and also used to create room fragrances.

Aromatherapy also involves the use of incense (in loose,, powdered form or as joss sticks), pot pourri, steam inhalations, scented candles, and fresh flowers. You can use all of the above to raise your mood, treat ailments and improve your sense of wellbeing

How it works

Through the nose
When we smell a fragrance, we take its healing molecules into our bodies. Heating essential oils and burning joss sticks vapourises the oil so that we can breathe in its molecules more easily

Through the skin
Essential oils applied to the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream to take immediate effect

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