Reality leaves a lot to the imagination

Today has been a day of lists. Sometimes I’m able to organise myself, sometimes I need to write a to-do list… and some days I need multiple ones. Today has definitely been one of the latter. Between going on holiday with Jade Rachel earlier in the month and the long weekend we’ve just had for Easter I’ve been feeling more than a little discombobulated.

I am now feeling a litle accomplished so I’m taking a moment to celebrate a couple of small victories. Go me!

I still need to chase a couple of content writers. Deadline is Thursday and I’ve heard nothing from them. Feeling a little concerned.

I would love to go to the cinema. I want to see Batman Vs Superman. As does Jade Rachel so I’m thinking date night (if we can get a babysitter). Jade Rachel and Caden Bryce also want to see Zootopia.
I’m really hoping superheroes win here!

I need to do laundry. I hate doing laundry. It’s probably my least favourite chore. I want to be able to pay for someone to do it for me. That would be a wonderful luxury.


3 thoughts on “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination

  1. The Cotton Malone series sounds really interesting. I really wish I had more time to read!

    I want to see Batman vs Superman too, but I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews. I’m still going to go and judge for myself, so hopefully it’s better than the critics say!

    Good luck getting everything done!


  2. Ignore the reviews of Batman vs Superman! It actually wasn’t that horrible and it holds true to the actual comics. The actor who plays Lex Luther got a lot of flack, but people forget how Lex started out before becoming the more familiar sadistic bald headed character that we know.

    A maid service would be so nice… think of all the free time you’d end up with. Bucket list goals! 🙂


  3. BvS was okay, they just try to do too much in a 2 hour plus movie, plus, it’s just an okay movie. I’ve watched better. Actually, I prefer the MCU better ❤ Watch it though! You might enjoy it!


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