Reason To Believe

One of the questions I seem to get asked more than anything is how I can be both Christian and bisexual. ‘Oh, you’re Christian? But I thought you were gay?’ is the usual reaction.

Yes, I’m Christian.
No, I’m not gay. I’m bisexual and married to an amazing woman.
No, I don’t think the two are a contradiction in terms.

My general response is along the lines of God created me the way He saw fit and He loves me. I mostly tend to feel sorry for people who judge me based on who I love and pray for them to be more aware of the love that surrounds all of us.

I have never felt unloved by God. I have never felt alone. He sees my actions, he feels my emotions, my pain – sees me striving for greatness – when no one else can or will ever know. I find truth in the innate desire to never feel alone, to fall in love, to live happy, to become what one dreams to achieve.

If all those subjective reasons to believe in God mean to you that I’m delusional – it’s what people put a word and meaning to feelings they can’t describe, to hopes they can’t share. These are things that are deeply engraved into a person’s soul. The truth is – no one has ever seen God, and no one can produce him. It’s a risky belief for some because God can’t be produced. This is when people build faith and fuel it with going to church, reading the Bible, praying, serving others.

However, when one seeks to know if God exists – something incredible happens. When one receives knowledge that God is real, one can never deny (even under penalty of death) that God is real. I takes a sincere dedication to live that way.


5 thoughts on “Reason To Believe

  1. I understand all that, but people will point it out as a contradiction. I think that a lot of the hate comes from not understand fully and not wanting to understand. Ignorance, if you may. Just know that while god has made you as you are, he also condemns the lifestyle in the Old Testament, but what about the new one? I dunno. I can’t remember much of it. But I would think that the blood and sacrifice of Christ overwrites the Old Testament, you know? In short, you make perfect sense to me!

    Thank you again for commenting on my blog ❤ Much love!


    1. He also condemns adultery, so much so that it’s one of His Ten Commandments. Divorce is condemned too. Biblically, women were ‘owned’ by their fathers and ‘given’ to a husband, like she was a piece of property
      There are hundreds of ways in which marriage – and life itself – has evolved since the Old Testament and I think its a shame that some people don’t seem to be able to recognise that the church has to evolve as a result. I’d love to know how strictly some of the naysayers follow some of the more extreme mesures of the Old Testament. Do they still adhere to the death penalty for cursing or disobeying a parent, for example?

      Sorry, didnt mean to ramble along there! I guess I feel more strongly about the topic than I realised! 🙂


  2. I have a few friends who are either gay or bisexual and religious. I think any hate that comes “out of the bible” is misconstrued, and from a very different time. If it was written now it would be so different. I’ve never followed any religion myself, but it’s nice to think that there is something bigger out there.


  3. I’m an Atheist, so it’s simply baffling for me why some religious people would even consider that a contradiction. Okay, yes, the Bible says this and that, but . . . I don’t know. In the end people can be both Christian and gay/bisexual/whatever, and I don’t see anything wrong with it . . . ^^;;;


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